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book of august: the sports gene

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While on vacation this is the book I read: The Sports Gene by David Epstein. After just beginning to read the book I was discussing it with a friend. At the outset I was a little disappointed, to be completely honest. I was really looking forward to reading about new studies done in genetics and lots of new stories about athletes. This just wasn’t the case from the get go. It was a little bit of a “review” of things covered in other books and/or articles that I’d already read. My friend seemed to understand my slight hesitation about the book, and commented that if you read a lot on the same topic, the same things and ideas tend to turn up. True.

Thankfully my disappointment didn’t last for long, as I was quickly engrossed in Epstein’s writing, which closely ties genetic research with personal stories about athletes and teams. My true enjoyment of the book did begin after talking to my friend about it, I lowered my expectations a little bit, and enjoyed the book for what it is. A very accessible and interesting read about some genetic studies, pared often with anecdotes and specific stories. In the end I think the accessibility of the book is what makes it a good read for anyone. If you’re interested in sports and genetics, definitely give it a read. Although if you’re extremely interested in genetics the “new” things about this book will be how Epstein incorporates stories with science, and his specific point of view. If that piques your interest, add The Sports Gene to your list!



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