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twenty two. do a handstand push up

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Now this is another one of my dreams, that just didn’t quite make it. When I say a handstand push up, I’m talking about a free-standing handstand push up. In pursuit of my goal, I started with practicing my handstands. This was apparently a miscalculation.

I should have started practicing my wall assisted hand stands first, then worked on my wall assisted handstand push ups, and then moved my way up to free-standing handstand push ups. What I really should have done was all this research a little sooner than today.

If you Google handstand push ups you get a lot of hits. YouTube videos, advice columns…hopefully this blog post, which will be of no assistance what-so-ever in terms of helpful hints. I guess this is what not to do!

My top three things in how to not to learn to do a handstand push up:

  • Don’t practice handstands at work.
  • Don’t practice handstand on hard surfaces.
  • Don’t ask your friends to help you learn to do a handstand – they will laugh at your failed attempts.

Hope that helps!



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