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twenty four. save money


money money money

Now, this is most likely going to be an ongoing goal for a long time. You know, retirement and all that. (Seeing as I’m soon to be half way to 50 it is high time to be focusing on my retirement funds.)

I actually already have a post with an eerily similar title, found here. Where I talk about my tips and strategies on saving money, posted back in February. I had even talked about financial decisions in January of the previous year.

Since February, when I refocused my savings plan, I have been able to grow a small personal savings, as well as save for a rather big party I’ll be telling you all more about later.

Honestly, I’m a little astonished. It really has gone well. This saving money thing. The hardest part for me is the patience required, it does take time to save money. Time and self-restraint. It means saving the extra money after getting a raise instead of allowing monthly spending to increase just a bit, or putting away the tax return instead of getting a new gadget (even if it’s only $50).

All this time I’ve had a specific goal, the party, to save up for. After the party I’m sure there will be more things down the road to save for, but I don’t yet know what they are. Building up a better Nest Egg sounds like a good plan, though.

Time will tell.



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