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nineteen. floss daily

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Now I thought this was a pretty lofty goal. In my first draft of my 25 before 25 I had actually listed number 19 as floss three times a week. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. With the “encouragement of” my friend Katie* (read: badgering from) I changed it to floss daily.

I’m sure glad I did! If 10 dentist appointments in a year doesn’t convince one to floss more, I don’t know what does. Upon my last visit at the dentist the hygienist said, and I quote, “Looks like we’ve finally convinced you to floss!”

Living the dream.

my personal favorite

my personal favorite

When your hygienist can comment on how well you’ve been flossing, you’ve made it. Despite becoming a slighty crazy floss lady. Let’s look past that.








*name changed to protect the badgerer


One thought on “nineteen. floss daily

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