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pause: book of may: bleak house


Here comes a pause in the count down. But not actually a pause I suppose, because this is me continuing to complete my 25 before 25 list.

I may have previously stated I would read Bleak House as my April book of the month, but then I flew to Chicago and bought a book in a little book shop there…well, let bygones be bygones. Especially since I haven’t actually elaborated on my April book of the month yet.

Let me just take this chance to PROMISE that I will update the book of the month posts that need updating ASAP. No, seriously guys, really.

Back to the point. Bleak House by Charles Dickens is this months book of the month, and my fifth and final book recommended by Francine Prose on her “Books to be read Immediately” list. I’m just knockin’ down the 25 before 25 items left and right!

Bleak House


Reading Dickens in high school was not super fun. I have vivid memories of over discussing one specific wine barrel that fell, rolled, and burst down a cobblestone road. That will be forever ingrained in my memory. Dickens is actually pretty fun though when you don’t have to discuss him ad nauseum. And when you can get over the fact that he was paid by the word, and if the damn man didn’t try to get absolutely as much money as possible our English class might end some time this year!


Bleak House is definitely a great work, Francine has steered me right once again.



3 thoughts on “pause: book of may: bleak house

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