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five. extend visa in sweden

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Now, this is a fun one!

As you all remember, I’m sure, I received an acceptance to my application of permanent residency in the fall of 2012. Exciting stuff. My initial residence and work visa expired then, so it was a relatively simple process of filling in some paper work, going in for a picture, and I was on my way!
photo (2)
I have even had the time since then to apply for Swedish citizenship. This past fall I was eligible to apply for citizenship, and sent in the paper work promptly. As part of the information package one is to send to the Migration Board, I was asked to send in my passport.
This was a problem.
I needed my passport. For travel to Mexico. This, luckily, also turned out to be a relatively small bump in the road. I contacted the Migration Board by e-mail and quickly got a reply. It is fully acceptable to send a letter explaining why I would be keeping my passport, instead of my passport. The Migration Board would then contact me when they had opened my file, and needed my passport.
Here comes the next problem.
I received the request to submit my passport while travelling abroad. There’s a time limit on these things. I had to present my passport within two weeks, or risk my application falling through, and the possibility that it would be more difficult in the future to submit the same application. That’s not what you want. The day I returned from my trip to Chicago and Boston I sent in my passport. Even with the incredibly efficient post system of Sweden, I was nervous I would make the deadline.
Good news travels fast though, because within a month I had received my US passport back, with a confirmation of my new status as a Swedish citizen.
photo (1)
I’d say that I went above and beyond on this one. What do you think?

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