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three. learn swedish

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So, learn Swedish. A pretty tricky one, I think. When I wrote my 25 before 25 list, in late March of 2012, I had recently started on my journey of Swedish learning.

As, somewhat, preiously explained there are many levels of Swedish learning available in Sweden, completely free of charge.
First, there’s Swedish for Foreigners (SFI). Yup, that’s me, a foreigner. Anyway. SFI is done in four stages A-D.
In the spring of 2012 I was enrolled in SFI C. Seeing as my native tongue uses the Latin alphabet and I have attended more than 12 years of school, I was automatically placed in C. After attending night classes for 3 weeks my teacher thought I was ready to take the National exam. One must pass this exam after each stage in one’s Swedish learning. (Except one – more on that later.) I took the test, and patiently awaited my results. When they were returned to me, my teacher had some surprising news. Not only had I passed the National Swedish for Foreigners C Exam, I had done well enough to also use that exam to pass the D Exam. So with one fell swoop I had completed my SFI learnin’.
The next logical step is to continue on to Swedish as a Second Language for Beginners. I started this class in the winter of 2013. After moving from one city to the next, and navigating the new application process that came with the change in city and course level I had been accepted to night classes.  These went farily well, until the New Year when a different school won the rights to teach SAS for beginners. Luckily, I was able to complete the requirements and pass the course.
That brings me to my online studies of Swedish. This past fall I was enrolled in Swedish as a Second Language 1, and this spring I was enrolled in Swedish as a Second Language 2 (as mentioned my final exam was last Wendesday). For my SAS 2 course I posted a video for an assignment, after which it was again reaffirmed that I will likely always have an accent.  That’s fine right? Anywho I recently found out I need to also take Swedish as a Second Language 3 in order to fulfill university requirements. Basically prove that I know enough Swedish to complete university level work.
My Swedish as a Second Language 2 course went better than the first, which is encouraging. And, although I will not be able to complete Swedish 3 before my 25th bithday, I am actually satisfied with my Swedish knowledge. I would say that I can speak Swedish now. Check off number three!
The hapiness levels are high!

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