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let’s start with an easy one: two. bake a rulltårta

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Yes, I did buffer my list with easy items. Instead of: see the seven wonders of the world, I put things like: bake a rulltårta on my list. Yes, this was an easy item. Not all of the items on my list were so easily completed, but the easy ones were just as much things I wanted to achieve as the rest of them. 

Now, rulltårta is a Swedish word (notice the å), and when directly translated, translates to roll cake. A very accurate description of the actual cake. The Swedes are a literal people. (Literal translation of gums – tandkött – is teeth meat. Chew on that one for a minute. Huge pun intended.)
Rulltårtor (the plural form for roll cake) are exactly what the name implies. A rolled up cake. When done right, they are a fluffy, rolled up joy. When done how I did them, they’re still a joy (because it’s cake we’re talking about) but possibly slightly less fluffy….and even.
My one piece of advice? Thinly spread your cake batter. THINLY. I cannot emphasize that enough. My cake could have really just been a regular old cake. Or a cake folded in half. I was semi successful in achieving the roll – swirl, the appearance when you cut into the roll cake. But let’s just say the first time isn’t the charm.
There are many recipes for roll cakes, and many occasions for them. I’m sure to have more chances with this one in the future. And now I know. THINLY spread the cake batter. Thinly.
photo 2
Got it.

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