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norlie & kkv with melissa horn


You know what they say. That children learn new languages easier than adults. They also say that children more easily learn a new language through singing in that language.

I’m not sure who “they” are but I buy it. Seeing as I also consider myself to be a child the logical next step is to start singing in Swedish. Considering my never-ending-quest to learn the Swedish language.

photo 2

I have discovered two favorite artists since moving to Sweden, who always sing in Swedish. (As far as I know.) It’s important to note that they sing in Swedish. A LOT of Swedish artists sing in English. Like ABBA, Agnes, and Roxette – if you’ve heard of them. I think it’s so they can make it big worldwide. That’s just one theory though. Anyway….

photo 3

I love listening to Norlie & KKV. Their song “När jag går ner” just makes me smile every single time I listen to it. (Translation: When I go Down – clearly a top-notch title.) I also love listening to Melissa Horn, pretty much everything she has ever sung makes me just want to sing along. Which is the idea here, seeing as I need to sing along in order to learn me some Swedish.

photo 1

Now is more important than ever that I focus on my Swedish learning (through listening to my iPhone a lot). Why, you ask? As of last week I am enrolled in the second high school Swedish class. Thus technically fulfilling all of my Swedish requirements for higher level learning (provided I pass said Swedish class). This is exciting stuff people. Wish me luck.



2 thoughts on “norlie & kkv with melissa horn

  1. Do you plan on mastering English, as well, someday?

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