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Welcome to the third and final installment of movies I watched with Ryan on his latest visit. (Note to self, come up with a better name.) Anyway, the first two installments are found here and here respectively.
The last movie we watched (from the IMDB list) was Goodfellas. It was promptly followed by a debate on the merits and downfalls of all mafia movies in general, and which the best ones were, in our opinions. I’ll save you the details of that conversation. However, I will say that I really enjoyed this movie, and was fascinated to find out that it was actually a love movie in disguise. The pretty Irish-Italian boy falls in love with the nice Jewish girl. Classic. Goodfellas is even based on a true story, thus piquing my intrigue even more.
picture found here

picture found here

I took two things away from Goodfellas. First, I gotta get a guy to take care of my phone calls like Paulie. And second, never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut. I think those are two solid messages.
As the credits rolled, I did however have a final question: Why can’t the mafia movies be all fun and games? Somebody always has to die. A few some bodies usually. I guess that’s just the name of the game.

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