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the best kebab in all of sweden

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That’s right I said it. As you may recall…or probably don’t because it is a minute detail in my life, and as a rule other people are most often less concerned about minute details in other’s lives as they are about minute details in their own lives…but I’m rambling.

As you may recall, I have claimed to taste the best kebab in all of Sweden. And I will fight anyone who says otherwise. As long as you’re not bigger and stronger than me. Then you can have it your way. I’m a lot like Burger King…when you’re bigger and stronger than me. Now I’m rambling again.
Kebab Huset, translated to The Kebab House serves the best kebab in all of Sweden. I have had it in rolls, on plates with fries and on pizza. It is just the most bestest kebab. That’s the way it is. My recommendation to you is to make your way to Sweden at your earliest convenience to eat this lovely Middle Eastern dish. I’m not saying this is the best kebab in the world, I don’t have the data to make that claim, but this stuff is good. GOOOOOOOD.
I was most recently at Kebab Huset with my brother dearest. We had spent the day gallivanting around rooftops and taking pictures. This is what that looked like:
rooftops 1
rooftops 2
I require him to eat kebab at least once when he comes to visit. He likes it. I’ve decided. Since we had worked up quite an appetite after all he gallivanting, it wasn’t hard to convince him. The kebab roll was our kebab of choice:
Clearly I’ll be seeing you soon when you all come rushing here to eat kebab. Can’t wait.

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