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the godfather: part ii


As you know, my brother was here to visit early this year. As wonderful and kind as my brother is, he was glad to help me complete some of my 25 before 25 goals. By watching movies with me. I know, what a good guy.

picture found here

picture found here

The first of a number of movies we watched while Ryan was visiting was The Godfather 2. Evelina and I had just recently watched the first installment, and we were itching to see more of young Al Pacino. (Understandably.)
The Godfather 2 is an exceptional movie, and comes highly recommended. The things I learned from this movie, I feel, are applicable to other life situations, so I feel it is my duty to share what I have learned with you. (Spoiler alert – stop reading now if you have not seen the movie.)
  • If you beg to Don Ciccio he will shoot you – don’t beg
  • You can get by in New York City only speaking Italian – if I were to learn Italian, I wouldn’t need to speak English in NYC!
  • Vito Corleone never forgets – this may not be applicable outside of the world of The Godfather, but it begs repeating
  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer – this age-old adage clearly came from this movie – #wisdom
Luckily for us there’s an actual built in intermission in this movie. We had come prepared with lots of snacks and drinks beforehand, but the intermission was well received as high time for a bathroom break.
Good times. Good movie watching fun times.

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