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book of december: mödrar och söner


Guys I did it! I read my first full length novel in Swedish. Yes, you should be impressed.

Mödrar och söner

Mödrar och söner was assigned for my Swedish as a Second Language 1 course. Our test on the book was a couple of weeks ago, so it was a good fit for my book of the month. It was a huge plus that it was actually a really good book.

Theodor Kallifatides is a Greek man who emigrated to Sweden. (Just like me! Only I’m not Greek.) He is a writer, as is evident by his having written this (and other) books. In this book, entitled Mothers and Sons (for those of you whose Swedish is not where you’d like it to be), he writes about his mother who is still living. He has never written such a personal piece about someone who is still living, so it was a difficult task for him. I really think the book was mostly about Kallifatides himself, but take a look for yourself and make your own opinions. I have not been able to track down an English translation, so for this one you will have to know Swedish.



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