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seems like i might know this stuff…


A goal of mine, on my 25 before 25 list, is to learn Swedish. Thus far I’ve discussed how I will forever and always have an accent in Swedish, or at least that’s my outlook at the moment. I’ve shared my joy in how I actually understood a store clerk.

Now it’s time for an update on my mad Swedish skills. At least I hope they’re mad skills. I’ve started with the class Swedish as a Second Language 1. In this class we’re reading two books. One is a text-book that we read excerpts of (and is surprisingly well written). The other is a novel. Which will be the first official book I have read in Swedish. Craziness.



SAS 1 is the first of three high school level classes in Swedish. The third one is apparently optional. This means I could possibly be done studying Swedish FOREVER come next summer. Craziness. I might opt to take the optional class, seeing as I am not a native speaker, and the more Swedish learnin’ I get the better. But we shall see. It may be time to move on to bigger and better things at that point.

Time will tell. signature


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