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book of september: inferno

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Inferno, by Dan Brown.


I just gotta say I love this guy. Danny Brown, he can really write some fiction. (Just Dan, not Danny, my bad, we’re not that close.) Inferno is a real page turner. The fourth Robert Langdon book, and I am loving it.

A friend of mine wrote a quite humorous review of his book on Facebook:

Stan and Dan

Also, Stan has an awesome blog, check it out.

I chuckled. And essentially agree with Stan. What Danny does really know is his readers. I was fully entertained. And fully intrigued into Turkish coffee. I wonder if it’s similar to Arabic coffee? I like coffee. More coffee I say.

You know what though? Maybe Dan Brown doesn’t understand a lot of those things. But it doesn’t matter, know why? Because he can fake it. Fake it ’til ya make it, guys. Fake it ’till ya make it.



One thought on “book of september: inferno

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