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listen to your calendar

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Do you know what I always say?

Listen to your calendar.

Do what your calendar tells you to do.

For instance last week, I had forgotten I needed to immediately bike to the ServiceCenter to sign up for an online Swedish class after work. Unfortunately I had made plans with my Evelina for that afternoon after work. But, it was really the only time in the next three weeks that I was able to go there to sign up for my class. When I got off work and saw the calendar alert on my phone, I was jarred away from my pleasant daydreaming of my pleasant afternoon plans. Stupid calendar. Stupid phone. It REALLY was the only chance I had to sign up. So bike away I did. It was the right choice. (Despite my now lack of pleasantness.)

People: listen to your calendar. Your calendar knows best.

Luckily today is a fun day to listen to my calendar. Why? You ask. Because this is what my calendar told me to do this morning: today august 15 So eat chocolate for breakfast I did. It was beautiful. It looked a lot like this: chocolate for breakfast I hope your calendar has equally as beautiful things for you to do today. signature


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