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book of april: godnatt, alfons åberg


Meet Alfons Åberg


He is the lovable main character in a series of children’s books here in Sweden. Written (and I’m pretty sure illustrated) by Gunilla Bergström these books have been translated into 30 different languages. This book, little did I know upon reading it, was the first of the many Alfons books to come.

As previously mentioned, I work at a preschool. At preschool we have story time, and right now the only book the children want to hear is this one. I could probably recite it to you from memory. Probably in Swedish or English, though the English translation would take some time and be of my own interpretation of course. 

There are over 30 Alfons books, which means I’m thoroughly looking forward to memorizing each and every one of them. Alfons has different names depending on the translation, and apparently (according to the internet) Alfon’s name in English is Alfie Atkins. So if you haven’t already, go out and get an Alfie book for you and your little one! 

Or Willi (German), or Albert (Norwegian), or Mikko (Finnish), or Alfons (Danish & Swedish), or الفی (Arabic). You get the point.

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