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book of march: the giver


They used to tell me that you should go back to a place of your childhood to see how much you have changed. Once you’ve grown up and moved away, the idea is that when you return to the places of your childhood they will have stayed the same, and it will be you who has changed. You can then use these places as a reflection upon yourself. It will become starkly clear to you, just how much you’ve changed.

Well I already know I’ve changed. But I can’t go back to the places of my childhood to examine these changes either. It’s a nice idea, but places change just as much as people do. Buildings get knocked down and re-built. Roads get re-paved, or disappear altogether, another road going somewhere else built in its stead.

Not that this is going to stop me. This summer I’ll be in my home town. (There really is no place like your home town, is there?) I can’t wait to see the new high school and go to the new ice cream place. Some things will be the same, that’s for sure, but some things will have changed more than I have since my last visit.

However; one place you can always count on to be the same is the world within a book. There’s something magical about knowing you can always go back to the same exact place written within a book. You may perceive it differently, or remember things inexactly, but the words printed on the page are the same every time.

The Giver

This month for my book of the month I decided to do some self-reflecting, and re-read a book off my 6th grade reading list: The Giver by Lois Lowry. One of my favorites of that year, I was excited to have allowed enough time to pass between now and my last reading of this book to be enthralled once again in the details.


If you haven’t yet read this gem, do it at your soonest convenience.



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