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what i wish my inbox wouldn’t say about me

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A little while ago I wrote about things my spam folder says about me. What that guy Earl thinks is a little crazy, so I’ll try not to worry about it too much.

quiet you....

quiet you….

There are however three things that repeatedly show up in my inbox that are 100% legitimate, but I really, really wish they weren’t.

  1. Low balance alerts. With my bank you can sign up for them to send you an e-mail alert whenever you reach a certain “threshold”. I, apparently, dip below this threshold often. My inbox is spattered with these “friendly reminders”. I know what you’re thinking. Just lower the threshold. I thought of this, and I can’t actually lower it…it is as low as it goes. Super.
  2. “Your Discover card account update!” What bothers me about this is that I don’t have a Discover card. I had one. I closed it. Still get monthly e-mails about “my account”. I called Discover to inquire about this situation. They said they were likely residual e-mails from when I closed the account. Four years ago? Get it together.
  3. My DriveEasy (insert brand name here) statement. I had one of those nifty little responders that you load with money and get to just drive right through the toll booths. (As long as you maintain the posted speed, and don’t choose to drive at rush hour when more people have the pass than pay cash, so you’ll be in line anyway.) It worked well for me. But then I lost the responder…and moved to Sweden…but never canceled the account. (Which is linked to the canceled Discover card…) So I get semi-frequent reminders of something I neither want to do nor have any motivation to do…which is cancel the account.


Anybody out there got any suggestions??? (Preferably better advise than “get down to business and take care of it” I heard that one already.)



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