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seven more things i’ve learned about sweden

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A while back I posted about seven things I knew about Sweden that you should too. Since then I have learned a WHOLE LOT. Yes, all caps. That’s how much I learned. Are you ready for the second installment?

Here’s a list of abilities that, when living in Sweden, one must have (at least they’re highly recommended):

  1. Speak Arabic.
  2. Bicycle on ice and through snow.
  3. Drive on ice and through snow. Initially I didn’t think of this ability, because where I come from we also get snow every winter. This is not the case for all locales, so one should remember that it snows in the winter. Plan accordingly.
  4. Have an extremely high caffeine tolerance. The coffee here is strong. Like kill you with its bare hand’s strong. (I’m mostly kidding, although the coffee at my previous place of employment may beg to differ.)
  5. Have an extremely high sugar tolerance. When in Stockholm do as the Swedes do. This means fika, daily. (Like I instructed you to the first time around.) I still haven’t figured out how everyone is still so skinny.
  6. An ability to talk about the weather with old people. Believe me, this is an ability; which leads us to our last point:
  7. Speak Swedish – I know I’ve said this before, but I really just want to emphasize the fact that yes, in Sweden they speak Swedish. If you want to communicate with the Swedes…you don’t actually need to know Swedish…but it really does help.



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