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couch decisions

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Yesterday was payday in Sweden. The 25th of every month the Swedes all get a little richer. But pay-day usually means bill pay as well, which no one likes. Okay, maybe that was a huge generalization, but c’mon who likes to spend money on boring things like rent? I say: ew.

Seeing that it’s payday today I’m reminded of a time, not so long ago, where I made one of the biggest purchase of my life. That’s right, we bought a couch. (I don’t have a car…if you all were wondering about how insanely expensive our couch is – it’s not, I just don’t happen to own anything more expensive than it.)

It was a big choice, this couch. With the recent move this summer we got a space upgrade. Meaning our couch that fit perfectly in our 35 cubic meter apartment, now seemed a little tiny. By which I mean little and tiny. So, Evelina and I ventured off to different furniture stores, on the quest for the perfect couch. In the end of weeks of searching we narrowed it down to four (or five?).

At which point I did what any sensible person would do. I mapped out the size of each couch using masking tape on the floor of our new apartment. Logical, I know.

couch tape

looks easy enough, right?

Honestly though this really made a huge difference in spatially planning how the room would look once the couch was added. The tape made it possible to take it from four options to the one clear winner. And I am happy to say that today we are thrilled with the couch choice we made. So have our guests who have used it as a bed. (Namely my brother for three weeks.)



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