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achieve your financial dreams


I’ve noticed that a lot of people I know, and stalk over the Internet, have made resolutions involving money-saving. This is great, I say, I’m all for saving money.

money money money

more money

While banks and financial groups tend to release money-saving tips, or money spending don’ts this time of year, I feel I have something extra to bring to the table. So I want to share that with you. In my years, I have implemented quite a number of money-saving strategies, and I feel I have now been able to wade through the get-rich-quick schemes, and the save your way to millions ploys to deliver you what really works, in three simple to follow steps:

Tips on saving money for 2013:

  1. Cut up all your credit cards. The trick to saving money is to stop spending it. While you’re at it you should cut up your debit cards, and increase the security on your bank accounts so that it is required to take a week or more to withdraw any sum of cash. That’ll teach you.
  2. Minimize shopping, only buy the necessities. In today’s day and age marketing and advertising is just screaming for you to spend all your money and spend it now. In order to avoid temptation it’s probably best you never go outside. Or watch TV. Or read.
  3. Create a budget and stick to it. On the surface this may seem like the most difficult of the three tasks, but I think you’ll find without access to money and no temptation whatsoever to spend it, it’ll become wonderfully easy to follow the plan you lay out for yourself. In fact if you can survive never leaving your living space with an excruciatingly limited access to your funds this third task will be the easiest of them all!

Live long and prosper.


6 thoughts on “achieve your financial dreams

  1. I am going to disagree with suggestion number one. While cutting up cards might be easier for some people, if you can exercise the self-control required to stick to your third suggestion, choosing the right credit card can help you save hundreds in the long-term. I just got a new credit card that gives me double travel miles on every dollar I spend, with no blackout dates. The card also can be used internationally without foreign transaction fees! Woohoo! Savin’ the big bucks!

  2. But my credit/debit cards are my friends! *sobs* Can I not just sit at home and stare at them, and imagine what I would buy if I left the house?

    • Yes, as long as you stick to number three rigorously you may keep your friends in tact. But one slip. Just one trip outside. And that’s it! Clip ’em!! (;

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