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is it just me, or is it dark in here?


As you now know, I work with children. Now, depending on who you are, you may or may not know the following fact: light switches are great fun. You see, children between the ages of 1 and let’s say 3 know this fact. As a child grows there comes a time (between the ages of one and three) where they are suddenly capable of operating the great fun light switch themselves. As it is great fun, the child will want to operate the light switch that is suddenly within their reach as often as possible. This means, as a fully grown human, that you will need to learn to carry on your daily activities in the dark. At least for a little while.

This is partially due to the fact that it’s much more exciting to play in the dark. But also partially due to the design of the light switch. In Sweden the light switches look a lot like this:
photo (14)
This means that for an indiscriminate amount of time the child will only be able to turn the light off. (They cannot yet reach the top of the switch to turn it back on.) So one must prepare oneself for constantly turning the lights back on, or accepting one’s fate and continuing on in the dark, or explain to the small child (who has yet to achieve a full grasp of language) that they should not play with the great fun light switch.
Clearly I go with option three, and have begun to constantly exclaim: “Oh no! Now we can’t see anything!!” Whenever a small child near me flips a switch.
It seems to be working.
I do have a problem though, which is mostly related. As you know, December 21st is the darkest day of the year. Or as you now know. After this day I expect it to get light and get light quickly. Nature has not caught up with my expectations. So, my problem is, who do I tell? I keep exclaiming “Oh no!! Now we can’t see anything!” a3:45 pm when it gets dark here. But no one flips the great fun light switch. It’s still dark in here.

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