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book of december: james potter


Happy New Year’s folks!

As promised, the last book of the month of this year. 2012 has been full of good books, and fun reads. To wrap up 2012 I leave you not with one book of December, but rather an author of December. This month I may have had more reading time. (I get of work an hour and a half before Evelina comes home = reading time.) And therefore I have read more books.

I’ll preface this with letting you know I’ve never read fan fiction before. I loved the Harry Potter books, as many around the world have. G. Norman Lippert has written 3 fan fiction books based on the Harry Potter world that follow Harry’s son, James, as he goes through his school years at Hogwarts. He has also written his own original works and one short story about characters he created in the James Potter series, yet doesn’t infringe on any copyrights.

James Potter

In December I read the first two James Potter books, the Hall of Elders’ Crossing and the Curse of the Gate Keeper. Then I read Lippert’s original book, The Girl on the Dock. I am now reading the third James Potter, the Vault of Destinies.

girl on the dock

These books are unlike anything I have read before (as I mentioned I’ve never done this fan fiction thing before), and at times I am impressed at Lippert’s writing, and use of Rowling’s world and characters. But other times I find it somewhat lacking, in a way I can’t quite describe. Often it is clear that it is Lippert writing and not Rowling, which is both a good and bad thing I suppose, depending on how you look at it.

I did thoroughly enjoy reading The Girl on the Dock (available on iTunes), Lippert’s original work (and felt a little better for actually giving him some money, as he doesn’t make any money from the James Potter books). It is obvious at times that Lippert is dancing around using Rowling’s ideas, and it can be somewhat strained because of it. But overall, definitely enjoyable.

If you liked the Harry Potter books, give these a try. He’s apparently working on the fourth now, and as long as he’s nothing like G. R. R. Martin, we’re sure to see that one soon. I won’t promise you’ll love them, but you might enjoy the ride.

Happy New Year to you all! May 2013 be full of good books to read and great people to share them with.



9 thoughts on “book of december: james potter

  1. I actually have been reading this series form a couple weeks ago – I stumbled across it on Goodreads… I agree there are times when it’s really engaging then other times it feels so frustrated?

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  3. That guy really made it huh. I salute him ;)

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