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32 hours in the air


Between the end of May and the end of July I had spent a bit of time in the air, flying about. I was thinking about this the other day, and by other day I mean in August. Yes, this is yet another insertion from the list of things I’ve been doing.

This is what my flight schedule looked like:

Stockholm → Madrid

Sevilla → Barcelona → Stockholm

Stockholm → New York City → Boston

Boston → Washington DC

Washington DC → Boston

Boston → Amsterdam → Stockholm

Nine flights in two months, that’s not so bad. Really it is. I cringe to think what my carbon footprint looks like. I choose to never think about it. And recycle a lot. I also choose to look at the silver lining. Just think what it will look like in 5 years. Or 10! I do plan on visiting my family across the Atlantic between now and then, at least a few times. (If they’re lucky – If I’m lucky I’ll be able to afford it.) So really, right now it’s not so bad that I fly all over the place. Just think how bad it’ll look in 10 years!!

I really hope the world decides it’s worth it to continue to reduce emissions…and also making flights faster would be excellent. Like this supersonic jet Aerion SBJ.

I would not mind making the cross Atlantic trip in four hours. Opposed to 20. (To be fair that is including a surprise 12 hour layover in Iceland…) What would be even better would be if the seats were cheaper.

And not that I’m against Airbus’s progress and future ideas (because they are talking about cheaper faster flights), but I may be the only person I know who would want to sit in the front row of this plane.

My brothers would probably sit with me, but that’s only because they’re equally as crazy. If not more so.

3 thoughts on “32 hours in the air

  1. You’re also crazy but i like this project. I wish you will be able. Perhaps, if you earn enough with your job in Sweden , in a few years time in time, the dream can be realized. take care, Meredith.

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