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hockey camp


I hope you all had a wonderful Columbus Day and/or Thanksgiving and/or regular Monday yesterday. Those are the only options, so it better have been one of those.

Remember that list of things I told you about. Well here’s another insertion from the “things I’ve been doing while I haven’t been blogging”.

Early this August Evelina and I helped out at a hockey camp here in town. It was a lot of fun to work with some boys (and two girls) on improving their performance both on and off the ice. (Sounds fancy. Reality: glorified babysitter.)

The first day we arrived at the rink at 9:10. Which believe me was a struggle after enjoying over a month of sleep ins. (Emphasis: it was a struggle for me – Evelina had been working all summer and was used to it – sucka!).

As we were waiting to start our first off ice with boys aged 10-13, a man, who we’ll call Smelly Von Buttface, stands off to the side, talking about how girls don’t have muscles. In all seriousness. This is his honest belief. What the what?!

Maybe this isn’t a good thing to say in front of impressionable boys, who play hockey with girls.

Maybe this isn’t a good thing to say in front of impressionable girl hockey players.

Maybe this isn’t a good thing to say before these boys and girls are going to go outside and follow the workout that girls have brought for them.

Maybe this isn’t a good thing to say within earshot of two girl hockey players who will be playing for the women’s team in your town for the entire next hockey season.

Maybe this isn’t a good thing to say within earshot of one particular girl who can both squat and bench more weight than you, Sir SVB. (We’re talking about Evelina here, let’s get real, we all know about my chicken legs. Orrr – you do now.)

Dearest Sir SVB, I’m not going to let this bother me more than it has. Your problems are something you should take up with your psychiatrist. You don’t have one you say? Maybe look into it. Just a suggestion. From a girl. Whose chicken legs can still kick you in the balls.

I will say that Evelina and I thoroughly enjoyed showing the guys and gals a little of what we do for off ice workouts during the summer. It was also great coming up with on ice practices.



I will say that after just 3 days with us, some of the boys were complaining. They “just wanted to do something easy.” Because what these two girls with no muscles put together for them was just a little above their fitness level.

What do you think of that Sir SVB?


3 thoughts on “hockey camp

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  2. It is a good thing that I wasn’t there when SVB said that!

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