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book of september: the last lecture

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If I were going to take one thing away from Randy Pausch’s book The Last Lecture it’s that: all you have is time, be patient.

Initially one might think this idea to be slightly contradictory, but I don’t believe necessarily is.

I truly enjoyed reading Pauch’s book. Not only is it a great story, but he explores some universal themes through discussing his last lecture. If you have seen his last lecture, don’t be deterred from reading the book, as he doesn’t merely recite the lecture. Rather, he explores it in a way uniquely his own (as one may expect).

If I were going to take two things away from the book, I would include that everyone can accomplish their childhood dreams.

Over all, great read, positive in ways you might not expect it to be, and surprisingly a feel good read. A book I’d recommend.


One thought on “book of september: the last lecture

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