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new job – can you guess it?


Congratulate me, I have a job! With our recent move from Linköping, Evelina and I have needed to find new jobs. I was tipped off by a friend that a local locality was looking for people to come work for them. I called them up and got an interview. Before we had even officially moved I had successfully secured my position. This was an incredible stroke of luck. Honestly, because I found the best job. I’m not going to tell you what I do, but I am going to give you some information, and we’ll see if you can guess.

picture created with Microsoft Word clip art and Paint

Provided to all employees:

  • Work cellphone
  • Laptop computer
  • Access to work-related software and programs
  • Access to pertinent recent technology to improve performance
  • Lunch (free food is the best food, as I always say)
  • Massage, which one may sign up for once a week. The time spent getting a massage during the work day is not counted as break time.
  • Yoga class, which will occur on Friday afternoons

I’ve left out my favorite part of the job, but if I told you that now it would give away the answer. (Hint: what my job actually is, is my favorite part.) As you can see, I clearly found the best job. Good luck guessing what it is I do! (No cheating – if you already know, don’t ruin the game for everyone else. Please!)

Later I’ll tell you about why it’s so awesome to work in Sweden. Believe me, awesome is in no way an understatement.


8 thoughts on “new job – can you guess it?

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  2. physical therapist?! YOU owe me a fbook message!! yayy on the new job – you deserve it! it sounds amazing! I cant wait to hear more about it when you write me back :)

  3. Congrats Meredith

  4. Physical…laptop…therapist?

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