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dear sweden

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Dear Sweden,

I’m going to get right to the point: I want a pumpkin spice latte.

It doesn’t even have to be from Starbucks, who you’ve exiled to the corners of Terminal 5, I’m not that picky. Wayne or the House of Espresso can whip me up this delicious treat. I’d be thrilled if the little coffee place on the corner provided me with the goodness I desire.

I just want some fall flavors in my belly. I’m okay with fall coming a little early. I’m ready for it. I look fabulous in fall colors. But does it really feel like fall without pumpkin flavored things?

I’ll tell you. It does not.

I know the pumpkin is not a natural part of your culture. I understand that people don’t carve them for Halloween, or dress up as the slutty version for the same holiday. It’s OK.

I even forgive you for how difficult it was to make a pumpkin pie last Thanksgiving. Canned pumpkin doesn’t need to make an appearance in stores before 2015. But, is this delectable treat it too much to ask for? Is a pumpkin flavored latte entirely out of the question?

You’ve been selling fall clothing in your stores since August. I think it’s time to sell fall flavors in your coffee shops as well.

Really, I’m just looking out for you here, Sweden. Introducing pumpkin into your daily lives will only improve your scores. I’m sure you’re itching to beat out Denmark, Norway, and Finland on the “happiest countries in the world” list*. (It’ll likely raise your life expectancy over 82, I’m betting.**)

I’m telling you, this is the way.







** I have done no scientifically accurate studies examining the correlation of life expectancy and consumption of pumpkin spice lattes – in this instance an educated guess seems sufficient

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