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glass – the kind you eat


Crucial vocabulary for your upcoming trip to Sweden: Glass = Ice Cream.

A little while ago I told you I had the best ice cream in Sweden, and it was no lie. And let’s be clear here, in 2011 Sweden consumed the most ice cream in the world (per capita)*. So you know they know what’s up.

Now that I’ve moved north I am close enough to bike to the fabulous ice cream place called Slagsta Glass. Understandably, this resulted in my biking there every weekend possible since the move.

Their specialty is putting hard ice cream in a bowl made of waffle cone, adding their own soft serve ice cream, and then topping it with sauce/sprinkles/candy/cookies/basically anything yummy you might want to eat with ice cream. You can even get it in a bowl that’s shaped like a clown, with streamers on top.

You may also choose to get a coke or coffee float with this soft serve ice cream (the coffee float is excellent). You can get cones with soft serve, or pick an assortment of your favorite hard ice cream flavors. Brownies are available with whipped cream and soft serve.

But let’s focus on the cone bowl filled with goodies.

At Slagsta Glass you can choose from over 15 different “snäcka” (which are the waffle cone bowls filled with different combinations of treats). You can also create your own by exchanging different sorts of ice cream and toppings. There are so many good ones, honestly can’t narrow down my favorite. Good thing I don’t need to. It’s also a good thing that I’m a 30 minute bike ride away from this fabulous summer treat. How else am I going to justify eating so much ice cream if I don’t get a good work out first?

Enough talk. I’m going for some ice cream, who’s coming?

*may not actually be true


5 thoughts on “glass – the kind you eat

  1. Ice cream in fruits are superior.

  2. These look so delicious. And I’m not even an ice cream person. This might bring me back sooner…

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