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let’s talk about sweden

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Fun facts about Sweden in the 2012 Olympics:

  1. The sailing duo Fredrik Lööf and Max Salminen brought home Sweden’s only gold in an intense race where they overcame the favorites, Great Britain, which I got to enjoy live. (Salminen sounds a little Finnish if you ask me, but I’m glad he’s here for Sweden).
  2. The triathlete Lisa Nordén was .009 seconds away from the gold. If you check out the finishing photo, it largely looks like a tie.
  3. The long jumper Michel Tornéus was five centimeters away from the bronze.
  4. The men’s handball team won silver – a match I really got into. I realize now the “handball” we play in gym class in the US is not the sport. Although gym would have been a lot more interesting with the real thing.
  5. This summer Sweden came in 37th place in number of medals, bringing home 8. One gold, 4 silver, and 3 bronze.

We’re about half way through the Paralympics, and it looks like Sweden is continuing to do well for itself.

Sweden and the Paralympics:

  1. Sweden currently has 6 medals, 1 gold in table tennis (what ever happened to calling it ping-pong?), 2 silver in shooting and swimming, and 3 bronze in table tennis
  2. Sweden is currently in 31st place in over all medal count (with China at the top, cleaning up with 93 medals so far).
  3. Their only gold, thus far, was won by Anna-Carin Ahlquist in the Women’s Singles Class 3.
  4. Sweden sent 59 athletes to the 2012 Paralympic Games.
  5. The first ever Winter Paralympic Games in 1976 were held in Ornsköldsvik, Sweden.

I’m sure you already knew where Ornsköldsvik is. . .

Now we only have to wait two years for the winter games. Where these Nordic countries really should have an advantage, seeing as the winter here lasts 6 months. Must be a whole lot easier to cross-country ski for 10,000 hours if you have an extra two months of winter. And ice. All over the place.



(All facts were found using the London 2012 app for the iPhone, or viewed by me live on SVT)


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