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book of august: bossypants


I’ve mentioned this book before, but haven’t done a book of the month about it. This August I re-listened to Tina Fey’s book Bossypants.

It really does get funnier the more you listen/read it. I so highly recommend this book I would actually buy it for you. But, y’know, you can also get it free at your local library.

I particularly enjoy the audiobook because Tina Fey reads it herself, and I really think you get more out of the book and the jokes read how the author wants them to read when it’s read by the author. So, basically, if you’ve already read the book you should seriously consider listening to the audio version. (Also often available at your local library).

Side note: the part where she talks about 30 Rock really is a lot funnier if you’ve seen the show. So go ahead and buy/rent/Netflix those bad boys ASAP. Also, hilarious.


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