Enjoy Not Knowing

Just another American living in Sweden

this week


“I have a friend who took all the doors out of his house one summer. It reminds me there’s nothing I have that’s worth hiding, he said. No secrets is the key to world peace. He put them all back on that winter. I decided it was peaceful enough for me, he said.”

– Brian Andreas


This week I’ve read some pretty heavy blog entries. Heavy stuff involving abuse, miscarriage, death, rage, blood, pain. It was all in there. This stuff is weighing me down. Makes me walk a little slower. Makes me think. Something that is resonant through these stories I have read, though, include the opposite side of life. Resilience, healing, strength, forgiveness, continuing, love. These things show through. Make me lighter. Allow me to turn my face to the sun and smile. Allows me to accept the warmth that is also in the world.


I admire these beautiful women for what they have shared on WordPress of late, and it reminded me of the Brian Andreas quote above.

If you’re interested, here are the posts, however, if you’re already in a crummy mood, maybe just go for a walk instead:

7 thoughts on “this week

  1. Thank you for linking to my blog.

    My “persona” at Teachers & Twits is usually the happy, sparkly girl.


    There is this other part of me that exists.

    Especially in August.

    Part of me wished none of my followers read my words today.

    But the other part of me is so glad they did.

    I have never received so many private emails in response to a piece.

    So many men and women have survived abuse. And we all have our different triggers.

    I hope that one day, I will just enjoy August and not think about being held down or pine cones hitting the roof of a cabin from which I could not escape. I hope one day to fully stop blaming myself.

    Because a little part of me still does.

    Even though most of my brain knows otherwise.

  2. ***No secrets is the key to world peace.***


  3. Thanks for linking to my post! Sometimes it’s hard to see, but you’re right: there’s a light even in the worst of times.

  4. Thanks so much for the link. Life is crummy, but then life is captivating and beautiful, too. I hope yours is more of the latter more of the time.

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