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the olympics

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The Olympics. Only you have to say it like that uptight mom from that gymnastics movie that I can’t remember the name of — Stick It!! Yes!! If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. It’s a pretty terrible movie, technically. But fun in the same was Bring It On Again is a fun movie. So for some, not fun at all.

The Olympics had been front and center for a while. Yet, ever since the closing ceremony they’ve been slipping out of the spotlight. Understandably so. Life goes on.

Or does it?

In Sweden they play the Olympics on TV all day every day. If the sporting event you want to watch isn’t on one of the three government-run channels, it can be found online to stream for free. Actually at great quality. And none of that buffering nonsense.

Because of this I watched a LOT of Olympics. I marveled at the mysterious point systems of gymnastics, wrestling (both kinds – I also learned how to tell the difference between them – I think), judo and diving. I was baffled by sports such as ping-pong and water polo – some people spend their time getting ridiculously talented at some interesting things. I stayed up late to cheer on US basketball, men’s and women’s. I spent more time watching athletics, sailing, and handball than ever before. Largely because these are the popular Swedish events. (By popular I mean there is at least one Swede competing.)

A little swimming here and there too, but they already have all the attention anyway, so nothing more to say there.

I stayed up late to watch incredible athletic feats, and got up early to watch incredible athletic feats. And in between these times I’d sleep.

However, since the closing ceremony, the weirdest thing has been happening. During that “sleeping time” I’ve been having Olympic dreams. And not the good kind (anyone else read that there were upwards of 100,000 condoms available at Olympic Village?). In these dreams I was competing. In. The. Olympics.

Now, I’ve had dreams where I’m playing sports before. In college I would continuously dream about playing hockey. Which really didn’t give me much rest from the sport. And in high school I’d dream about soccer or lacrosse, or track (that one time I ran in circles all winter).

But this was different. I have never before dreamt about playing sports I do not play, or for that matter, know how to play. You can imagine how this went. Night after night I dream about being the one person on the court who could not shoot a free throw (yet the coach wouldn’t take me out). Or I’d be half drowning while trying to understand the rules of water polo. Or getting pelted by volleyballs by Misty May Something. (She’s using her married name now too I guess. Wonder what that is….) OR I’d be expected to lift three times my own body weight up from the ground over my head.

Every night since the end of the 2012 Olympics, they have lived on in my subconscious. Though…it’s really rather embarrassing, seeing as I can complete none of these athletic feats at the level that is being expected of me and performed successfully by others all around me.

To be honest though, I’m just honored to be there.


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