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happy birthday mom!



When I was little, between the ages of about 11 and 16, I had a terribly hard time remembering my Mom’s age. I knew her birthday down cold. July 22nd. Today.

A very big Happy Birthday to you today mother, thank you for all that you do.

Anyway….each year right around July 21st I would ask my Mom how old she was turning (completely unaware of the taboo of the question — me being her only daughter, I thought it was fine.) And she would reply 39. So that’s what I would write on the card.

Did. Not. Blink. An. Eye.

For approximately 5 years my mother turned 39. So, on this very eventful day, full of surprise visits to the United States, lap swim, outdoor lunch with family, grilling, visiting with flowers and lovely conversation, I would like to wish my Mom a very happy 39th birthday!

I hope it was one for the books.


Mom and Aunt Barbara in the garden

2 thoughts on “happy birthday mom!

  1. It was the best Birthday ever Meredith, I cannot thank you enough.
    <3 xO Love and hugs to you and Evelina
    all the time

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