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As I mentioned on Tuesday I am terrified of ticks. It’s not an entirely irrational fear…right? Leeches also give me the heebie-jeebies. Something about their using my own personal blood to sustain life.

I do like to donate blood on as regular a basis I can manage though. But that’s neither here nor there.

I’m talking about ticks here, people. Tiny little devils coming to suck your blood and give you an array of diseases. Frightening. I know. And listen to this: the other day, in a brief moment of sun, I was basking outside. Reading my book. When I was attacked!!

You should know, ticks in Sweden are smaller than your average North American Deer Tick. They’re about half the size. (Sneaky little bastards.) So while I’m used to looking for these bad boys out in the wild:

You guessed it, these photos were found on webmd.com – actually their nifty little iPhone app

What I need to be wary of are these!!

I know, you can barely see the tiny black dot coming to threaten your life!

This little guy came crawling across my blanket, attempting to catch me unawares! But oh no! Not me! I shouted. As I flicked him ten feet in one direction, and repositioned myself 10 feet in the opposite direction. Knowing that it would take days for that little guy to span that distance.

Then, in my adrenaline rush state of mind, I checked WebMD for signs and symptoms of Lyme. Poor choice. I freaked myself out so bad I had to go inside. Lest I be attacked again.

But not before saying hello to this butterfly.

Best part of the story: when I relayed it to Evelina and her father, complete with picture of said attacking tick. I uh….I don’t know how to say this….but….well….it was a beetle.


2 thoughts on “ticks

  1. Ah Ixodes. Clever little devils. Glad you got away…this time… ;)

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