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here’s what i won’t say


On Tuesday I burnt myself. With leg waxing wax. Burnt my thumb, to be specific. But. I’m not going to get into the gory details. Which I had fully planned on doing. I do want to say it hurt, like a…lot. (Or insert your favorite profanity here).

The reason I’m not going to wax rhapsodic about this, is because my little blog only has about 30 posts. One of which being about me causing injury to my person at work, one about an injury in my past, and one where I complain about my inability to bruise. This would then be the fourth post about my injuries, and suddenly over a tenth of all the information I’ve put on my lovely little blog is about me hurting myself. Before I know it this will just be a running tally of all of my injuries. When I go back years from now to read the clever and enlightening things from my past, all I’ll have is a day by day count of the crap I put myself through. That’s not the direction I want to take!!

Also, I feel this may give you, beloved readers, a skewed view of me. I promise I’m not actually this accident prone, and/or clumsy. Although now you’ll never believe that, so who am I trying to kid?

Myself, that’s who.

The only reason I bring this up, is that today, it is FINALLY sunny! All I want to do all day is bask in lovely rays of vitamin D, with lots of sunscreen (because no one wants a repeat of Spain….that’s for sure!! — What do you mean I didn’t tell you that story? Oh man! It’s a good one! You’ll just have to wait, I guess.)

Anyway, my question is, if I laze about all day in the mind and body warming rays of sun, can I re-burn my burn?? If I expose my burnt-from-hot-wax hand to UVA and UVB rays today, will it then become the burnt-from-hot-wax-AND-dangerous-rays-of-sun hand?? Because I think that’s just too long of a name for anyone to reasonably address my hand as such.


2 thoughts on “here’s what i won’t say

  1. So funny! And I love the humor when you say you are not going to “wax rhapsodic”…

    Hahahaha. Awesome. But I am sorry you burned yourself. Better there than, um, other areas.

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