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moving day

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Moving? I can’t believe the day is here!! Today we’re heading up to Eskilstuna! I know what you’re all thinking. Yes, I did help clean the apartment.

I have never moved before today. I mean I moved in and out of college dorms and a college house. But never have I moved all of my things out of a place to another place, and had to clean the old place. Or at least not clean like this. Today we did some serious cleaning.

Three things I learned from the move today:

1. You have to clean the apartment before you move out. The key to cleaning happiness is low ventilation, and lots of chemicals. If it all gets to be too much, offer to clean the shower, close the doors, and go all out with the windex. In moments you’ll be feeling grand. Only joking — don’t do that.

2. There’s way more stuff in the apartment than you ever thought possible. If it comes to it, just throw it all out. You don’t really need any of it anyway.

3. If you’re getting hungry, but there’s no food left (because you just cleaned out the fridge) head over to the sink, and empty out the pipes. Between the smell and the look of the stuff that comes out of there you won’t have an appetite for hours.

See you guys in e-tuna!!



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