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Seeing as I now live in Europe, I now watch soccer on TV. Football. Sorry.

The Eurocup final was last night, and Spain came out on top. I have to admit, I was really pulling for Italy. After their defeat of Germany, I even thought they could do it. (Despite Balotelli’s intentional yellow card — which I don’t blame him for, two goals against Germany is a big deal.)

After their first goal at 14 minutes by number 21 David Silva, and a pretty early second goal at 41 minutes by the left defender number 18 Jordi Alba, (yes, Alba is 23. I’m not jealous or anything) it seemed after just the first half that Spain was going to pull out on top. And I’m not just saying this after the fact, this really was discussed mid-game. You’ll never know if it wasn’t.

Side bar: Look how informed I sound!! Seems like I’ve been watching soccer for ages!!! Football! Damnit…but seriously guys, if I hadn’t told you I just started watching, you’d all be fooled!!

Anyway… at 84 minutes, Fernando Torres, a sub in at 56 minutes, scored!! I have to say, I’m pretty sure touched the ball twice before his goal scoring shot. Not bad. THEN Juan Mata scored the fourth goal at 88, after subbing for Andres Iniesta with a beautiful assist from Torres. Again, probably the second time he touched the ball as well. Not a bad night for the coaches. You could say that. So I did.

The final was played in Kiev Ukraine, starting at 20:45 my time, which is the only time that matters. The game concluded 4-0 at 22:36. Despite massive goaltender Buffon, Italy couldn’t pull it off. And impressive shirtless Balotelli. It was Spain’s night, for both the starters and the subs. Glory all around. ¡Viva España!

Spain celebrating their win on our TV! Yes, this is what our TV looks like, and yes, those are African animals staring you down.


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