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happy birthday tyler!

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Third birthday post of June in order to honor the third child in my family. Today is my youngest brother, Tyler’s birthday. And what a day it shall be!!

A day full of hockey playing, perhaps.

I sent birthday presents to both my brothers in early June. Which means Tyler has had to wait WEEKS to open his. Or they’re all just lying to me, and he opened them immediately, and the thank you picture message I’ll get later was saved for today. Either way! I am happy, as long as he’s happy. So, Tyler, I hope you enjoy the presents I got you. Regardless of when you found out what they were.

Today Tyler is 17. Which actually makes me feel even older. (I know, I didn’t think it could happen either.) He has his license. Either by some fault in the system, an elaborately conceived illusion, or he just knows a guy. Because as far as I know, six year olds are not allowed to drive in any of the 50 states. To me, Tyler, you will always be that blonde haired six year old. With the incredibly stylish hair cuts. An incredibly sweet boy who was best friends with the neighborhood dogs (who were bigger than you), and insisted my friend Samantha’s name was, in fact, ‘Manta.

I don’t know if it’s the six year difference between us. Or the fact that once you were born it was Meredith and “the boys”. (Which essentially meant you were taking Ryan off my hands — good luck.) But, I don’t remember you annoying me quite as much as Ryan did. So while I clearly recall chasing Ryan about in fits of childhood frustration, I only vaguely remember you putting my stuff in your mouth. And Barbies recover far better from drool than from impromptu hair cuts.

. . . totally . . .

Now, the only children at home are “the boys,” and I hope you and Ryan are growing together in a sibling camaraderie that often comes with age. And, y’know, from the fact that you’re now the same size. From here, this is what seems to be happening. And I could not be happier or prouder to see it.

I cannot wait for the next time we see each other. In person. The top tufts of hair  protruding into the screen when I’m Skyping with Dad and a vigorously waiving hand don’t quite have the same effect. Hopefully that will be this summer, but regardless I am already looking forward to it.

To quote an incredibly insightful person: “Here’s to you, on your day. Brother of mine whom I love so much.”


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