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i understand!

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This past weekend I purchased two new nail polish colors. I do believe I was tricked into the purchase. When I got to the check out counter the guy (working at the make up store) informed me that this brand was 2 for 100SEK. Not bad!! I thought to myself, after first congratulating myself for understanding him. He asked if I wanted time to check the other colors, and I quickly responded that I already knew which I wanted. I’d just had a 7 minute conversation on the phone about which color to buy. Some may say a conversation that was approximately 6.75 minutes too long for such an inconsequential decision. Not in my book.

I was thrilled to find that I could get two for such a reasonable price! Almost more so than I was at my budding Swedish ability. Almost. I was just so thrilled that I carried on a 3-5 minute conversation with this guy. I felt at the time that the best way for the conversation to continue in this positive direction would be if I bought the nail polish. Plus I really wanted the green AND the blue.

Leaving the store with the particular glow and wide grin that always results when I make a new and exciting purchase. Only to arrive at Evelina’s place of work to display them proudly.

In reflection of my actions I became suspicious that the only reason I bought two bottles was because I was so excited that I understood the man-makeup-store-employee. Oh well. I wanted both. I’m okay with it.

What Evelina is not okay with is what I did with the purchase.


She thinks this is only for five year olds. I think it’s awesome.

What do you think? Can a 23 year old pull this off?


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