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I have to come to terms with the fact that it is highly likely I will always have an accent when I speak Swedish. Which I don’t want to accept. Evelina speaks unaccented English. (In my opinion – if you ask a Brit she sounds American (or Canadian), if you ask a Southerner she’d sound like a Yank — but to me, unaccented.) Therefore, I should be able to learn unaccented Swedish – dammit!

This is unlikely. Sweden is full of ‘foreigners’ (we’ll outnumber the Swedes soon, and I’m going to pass a bill to make Swedes the foreigners…or the Swedish equivalent of a bill….maybe I should read a book.) Anyway…the foreigners all sound foreign. you can tell the Turkish man is Turkish by the way he speaks (he also looks a bit different from your average Swede – Google it if you don’t trust me.) The British woman sounds – to me – a whole lot like she’s still speaking British English when she’s actually speaking Swedish. The Italian man has an Italian accent. Et cetera.

My outlook is grim. I will forever sound like an American. Recently I have been told that this is a ‘cool’ accent (which I am skeptical of – I suspect they’re just being nice). Although…I guess it’s better than sounding like I’m from Malmö.

Silver lining.


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