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when i was young


When I was young, my mother taught me how to handle sharp, potentially dangerous objects.

  1. When carrying scissors, close the scissors and hold on to the metal, pointed, part, with the handles pointed upward. This way if you fall, when you go to catch yourself with your hands the sharp point of the scissors won’t be facing up, endangering your safety.
  2. When going up or down stairs while carrying scissors, hold them in the manner previously described. And, be very, very careful.
  3. When cooking always cut things away from yourself, and all body parts. The sharp part of the knife should never face you.
  4. When handing a sharp knife to another, gingerly grasp the blade and hand it over. Presenting the receiver with the handle. (Note: only do this for people you trust – because it gives them a great opportunity to stab you.)

What she did not teach me was how to act around ventilation tubing.

Tubes are dangerous. More dangerous than you’d think! It brings me sorrow to report, they have attacked again. (Missed the first episode? Check it out here.) Last week, I was bitten. In the same exact spot, might I add. It seems my first right knuckle is the tastiest of the bunch.

Don’t worry though, it’s not all bad news. This injury was far smaller. And didn’t result in the actual removal of skin from my body. It was just sliced open. (Which heals faster – in my experience – or at least I hope so . . . ) I bandaged it up at the very convenient first aid station at my place of employment, and was on my way in no time!

Then I got new gloves. Because a tried and true sign that you need new gloves is when you bleed on them.

So there was, at least, a happy ending.

My advise to mothers: warn your children to keep a safe distance from ventilation tubing. It could save their lives. Definitely their knuckles anyway.


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