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first run



Y’know that run. That brutal run.

The one you do to start it up again. When you haven’t run in a while. Years maybe. But you’ve convinced yourself you want to run again. Or you find yourself in the position where you have to run again.

That first run.

You go through all the phases. you start out ecstatic, where you’re proud of yourself for doing this and can’t wait to continue. The start feels so good, finally getting those legs working. slowly but surely it gets harder. So you have to focus. Remember your breathing and pace. Memories of sprinting up and down and around soccer fields flash in your mind. The image of your track coach at the starting mark shouting out your lap times. You’ve done this. you know this feeling. Then the exhaustion sets in. one foot in front of the other, as the sun burns against your lips. Repetition. Just don’t stop. you turn your attention to your arms. You know how you need to relax your shoulders and hold your head just so. If you work your arms the right ways your legs will follow suit. You’ve done this. You know this feeling.

Y’know that run. That first run.

The one that reminds you so clearly of the bliss of running.

I love that run.


3 thoughts on “first run

  1. good thing you had cute shoes =)))

  2. you’re a weirdo. the ‘bliss’ of running? please. if i wrote this post it would end up with me crying/vomiting. not with bliss.

    • Do you ever vomit with bliss? Or did I read that wrong? (;

      Katie, we all know you love to run. Come back to Sweden so we can run together.

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