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what are you thinking about?


The other day. It was a Sunday. Evelina and I were relaxing together in our apartment. I love Sunday mornings and the calming pace they bring. The sun was glimmering outside and entered our apartment in that way where you can see thousands of dust particles floating in all directions in the column of light cascading through the window. I had rested my head on her chest and could hear the rhythmic beat that were her valves opening and closing as her heart worked in a slow steady continuous thump. I was enjoying the moment so perfectly.

A Brian Andreas quote slid out from my memory, like a welcome guest arriving right on time.

“Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.”

For me, time stood still.

Evelina asked, ” what are you thinking about?”

I lovingly replied the quote that had entered my mind, finishing with “…what are you thinking about?”


Ew. If you’re not familiar with this particular exercise, I encourage you to go here, to view an instructional video. (Excercise can be performed with or without a push up) Essentially, you start in the standing position, get down on your hands and toes as quickly as possible. Do a push up, get up, and jump as high as you can. Repeat. Quickly. May I repeat, ew.

(picture found here.)


2 thoughts on “what are you thinking about?

  1. Nothing like a little Sunday morning daydreaming about burpees.. Sorry for spoiling the beautiful moment.

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