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floss daily

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Since posting my 25 before 25 list I have been flossing diligently. Or at least like 98% of the time. I decided I would allow myself one day of slippage per month. Mostly because sometimes you run out of floss. Or find yourself in a place with no floss, and flossing with thread isn’t all that effective. Or you’re in the middle of the woods with no clothes on, and floss isn’t your first concern.

(None of this has happened to me.)

(Definitely not the woods thing.)

Also, I’m thinking 353 days out of 365 isn’t so bad. (354 this year – I’m on it.) Mostly, I consider my progress a success.


Recently; however, I’ve realized I may be turning into a crazy floss lady. You know…the one who keeps floss in her car, and purse, and pocket, wrapped around her little finger like a ring…and taped to her inner thigh. All in attempts to never be without floss. (Successful attempts). Because how ANNOYING is that feeling when you know you have something stuck in your teeth? (Answer: very). How badly do you feel the compulsion to floss after every meal? (Answer: very). I can’t help it. I’m addicted.

I so badly want this to be socially acceptable . . .

Sadly, it is not. Don’t worry I won’t be sporting this out in public any time soon. Around my apartment however…


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