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diet coke is cola light

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I should start this post by clarifying that in Sweden when you order a Coke you just call it a cola. There isn’t any other logical option. Of note: Pepsi and other off brands do exist, but you don’t have to concern yourself with that. Coke is King. (Alright Karl Gustav XVI is King, but he would happily share his throne with the best cola – I asked.)

Now I want to get into the matter at hand. They don’t call Diet Coke, diet. It’s Light. So if you’re trying to order a Diet Coke (which I don’t – I prefer the full sugar version **note no corn syrup is used in Sweden in the makings of soda**) you ask for a Cola Light. During which you, of course, put on your best Swedish accent so they can’t identify you as a native English speaker. Which undoubtedly fails.

What I’m wondering is who was in charge of deciding that it would be called Diet Coke in the good ‘ol U.S. of A? I rather enjoy the sound of Light Coke. Diet makes me feel like I have to be on a diet to drink it…or at least be consciously thinking about what goes into my diet…which is ne’er the case. Light makes me feel like I’m already there, no need to diet, when you’re light, right?!

Moral: when in search of your favorite diet cola beverage in Sweden, ask for cola light. You’ll get a Diet Coke every time.

One thought on “diet coke is cola light

  1. Excellent – I am now well prepared!

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