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sweden or switzerland?


The following is a list of things originating in Sweden, that you either had no idea that they came from Sweden, or these are the ONLY things you know about Sweden. Depending.


2. The Sedin brothers

3. The Stockholm Syndrome

4. Sony Ericsson


The following is a list of things that come from Switzerland:

1. Swiss cheese

2. Swiss chocolate

3. Swiss army knives

4. Extremely expensive (accurate) wrist watches

5. The Swiss Alps

The following is a diagram depicting Switzerland and Sweden on a map of Europe. I would like to emphasize, as a college textbook once informed me, Europeans often like to be referred to by the country they originate from, and not simply referred to as European. In that light, Sweden and Switzerland are different countries.

Please stop asking me if I’ve eaten any great cheese or gotten a fancy watch. (I have done both.) I am in Sweden, eating meatballs while listening to Mamma Mia at IKEA and purchasing very intelligently designed furniture. Wearing my Sedin jersey and texting on my Sony Ericsson cell phone. Feeling very empathetic towards my captors.

picture found here, edited by yours truly


7 thoughts on “sweden or switzerland?

  1. I have just been berated on not including Niklas Lidström in this list of ‘things Swedish’ especially seeing as I have included the Sedin brothers. My most sincere apologies. Read more about Niklas on wikipedia – I trust you can find it yourself. He is one of the best defencemen to ever grace the ice.

    Note: also, click on Ericsson to read about the Swedish company – I am aware Sony Ericsson as a ‘unit’ is not solely Swedish.

  2. This post is awesome. My husband is Swiss and it grinds his gears like crazy when someone mixes Switzerland and Sweden.

    Also, in terms of brilliant Swedish hockey players Henrik Lundqvist should also be on the list. Plus he’s hot as hell.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

      I left Lundqvist off the list intentionally, my father is a huge Rangers fan, and I knew it would annoy him. As you can see by his comment (:

      Although his attractiveness almost got him on the list anyway (;

  3. As your father and a NY Ranger fan, I am appalled at this list. For the obvious reasons.

    • Hahahahahah, don’t worry, I was thinking of you when I made it. Left your team’s pride and joy off the list just for YOU! You’re welcome (;

  4. Also, what about Magnus Gustaf (Gösta) Mittag-Leffler?????

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