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nu är det påsk


Now it’s Easter!!

In Sweden they tend to jump the gun a little and celebrate holidays a day early. Christmas is celebrated on the 24th and Easter is celebrated on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. Even though they’re 6-9 hours ahead of the continental US, that just isn’t enough. They want to be even more ahead of the game.

Påskkärring - so cute!

While I have some problems with this, I can’t do anything about it because I’ve eaten myself into a candy coma. I have consumed so much Easter candy in the past week I’ve jumped up three weight classes. I assume. Also, I can’t really be bothered to do much else while eating chocolate. It takes my full concentration. Seeing as I’ve essentially been eating chocolate continuously for the past week, I’ve decided to embrace the early celebration of Easter.

What I also want to support is the little påsk-käringar running around Sweden on the Thursday before Easter. Small Swedish children make homemade Easter cards, dress up in the get up shown to the right, and trade the cards for candy as they run around town ringing door bells of their neighbors. It’s like Halloween, only you make a trade for the candy. (Possibly why Swedish people are less entitled? Quid pro quo?)

Also, as you can see in this lovely picture by Jonas Ekströmer, this girl is holding something. This is called påskris. Swedish families decorate birch branches with feathers and eggs and other festively Easter things. If you put the branches in water they grow tiny green leaves.

Easter food!!

I would also like to publicly endorse Swedish Easter food. It includes: boiled eggs, meatballs, prinskorv (tiny sausages), sill (fermented herring – actually good), Janssons frestelse (potatoes cut, basically into small french fries, matjes herring, cream and breadcrumbs), nubbesallad (it’s like a creamier egg salad with awesome ingredients), brown beans, potatoes and beat salad.

Snaps - not to be taken lightly

(note: also pictured, but unlabeled: butter, bread, cheese)

Of course there’s snaps. Also known as aquavit. This is a must for all Swedish celebrations. It accompanies the food, and keeps all participants jolly in all eating activities.

Then there’s dessert. Dessert is a wonderful dish called ris a la malta. It’s a specific type of porridge with rice pieces. It’s boiled in milk, and then mixed with whipped cream. Then topped with berries of your choice. My name is Meredith, and I approve this message.

Yum times 10

So much candy in that egg!!

On Easter day (again, a day before Easter Sunday) the children get eggs. Only these eggs aren’t the chicken kind. They’re the huge paper kind. Imagine a giant ostrich lays a giant egg. Times two. This magic egg will be made of paper and opens on the vertical axis. Inside it’s FILLED WITH CANDY GALORE! Luckily I’m still a child, and Evelina gave me an easter egg (and these really pretty flowers, but you can’t eat those – it says so on the tag).

More pretty candy filled eggs:

Just try and resist this

One thing I was not thrilled to see was snow. I was going to go into a full out tantrum, laying on the floor screaming, kicking and crying, until this happened…

This beautiful sunset made up for the fact that the ground is covered with snow in the SPRING

I was also lucky enough to get a nice Easter present from Evelina’s parents!

Who doesn't like presents?!

Between Evelina and I we received some beautiful egg cups, a pie dish and four individual pie dishes. All in a lovely pastel green color. I can’t wait to cook/bake with them!

Happy Easter!!



(påskkärring picture found here)


3 thoughts on “nu är det påsk

  1. I had a great easter weekend :) Nästa år måste du klä ut dig till en liten påskkäring!

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