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book of march: the bridge

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As part of my quest to complete 25 tasks before turning 25 I have read a book for the month of March. The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama by David Remnick.

The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama

I cannot begin to describe my love for this book. That’s a lie. I can. This book is awesome. It reads like a detailed and descriptive story of not only the life of Barak Obama, but of the social and political atmospheres that surrounded him throughout his life thus far. Having listened to the audiobook, I must say that Mark Deakins has a beautiful voice. And while I don’t enjoy listening to his sonorous voice quite as much as I enjoy Malcolm Gladwell’s, it’s a close call. Like the difference between Sunday morning and Labor Day morning. Either way you’re pretty damn excited for a day off, you just like Labor Day a little more because it’s an extra day off, and means a four-day week. To pull it all together listening to Deakins feels like a wonderful Sunday morning full of possibilities.

I loved listening to this book. It would have been nice to read the text version as well, I imagine, as some parts I surely would have wanted to immediately read again. It’s just that good of a story. It reads like a novel, never bringing in an excessive amount of politics, and all the side stories contribute to the story of the book as a whole. Remnick is a fabulous writer, and I would be eager to read more by him. Or listen.

If you’re interested in learning more about the life of Barack Obama this book should absolutely be on your list. Although, be warned, it doesn’t go into his presidency. The Epilogue touches on his first year in office, but the majority of the book is his life up until the White House.

I found it humorous that within the book the author recommends you listen to Obama’s Dreams From My Father in audiobook version, to get the full experience of the book. With Obama’s own voice is the story best told, I am lead to believe. You don’t have to tell me twice. It’s on the list.

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